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GrupBlox is a group accommodations contracting platform that streamlines the current archaic contracting model, for both operators and hoteliers, from weeks to minutes.


A few reasons why GrupBlox is the best solution for your group contracting needs, whether you're an operator or hotelier.

Increase Staff Bandwidth

Enhance the efficiency of your existing team to effectively process a greater volume of group leads.

Increase Conversions

Offer rates for group requests simultaneously and edge out competitors with delayed response times.

Greater Net Revenue

Increased conversions + Reduced labor = Greater net revenue

Free Service

First things, first! The platform is free to use for both operators and hotels.

Streamline Process

Contract Series business (multi-date/multi-location blocks) or Ad Hoc groups of 10+ rooms in minutes.

Hotel Portfolio

Integrating some of the largest hotel chains & independent CRS in the world.

2023 Skift IDEA Awards Industry Innovators

Skift IDEA Awards 2023 Shortlist Nominee

Skift is a media company that provides news, insights, and analysis on the travel industry and its various sectors, including hospitality, airlines, technology, and tourism trends. GrupBlox (formerly trip(eaze)) was a shortlist nominee for the 2023 Skift IDEA Awards for "Industry Innovators" in the Tour Operators category. This recognition is given to forward-thinking projects which are reshaping the travel industry.

HEDNA Paris 2022
Innov8 Winner*

HEDNA is a worldwide network of hospitality experts, technology providers, educators, and consultants who share a passion for advancing the field of distribution. Their global conferences, local networking events, and industry working groups provide valuable opportunities for stakeholders to gain insight into current technologies, assess the impact of current trends, and prepare for future challenges.

*Won under former name, trip(eaze).


Blending their experience in hospitality & tech, GrupBlox founders joined forces to disrupt group travel booking with their user-based solution that delivers a more efficient, cost effective, and seamless way to secure group contracts.

Matthew Martinez


A born negotiator and seasoned hospitality professional who believes reality is something you create yourself and any failure is just a door of opportunity to your next journey.

Theodore Mosetick


A rare breed of software engineer + extrovert who has a passion for leading and motivating teams. A problem solver who gets inspired forging uncharted paths, in tech, business, and life.

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At GrupBlox, we envision a seamless future for group travel. By pioneering innovative technology, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the hotel group contracting landscape. Our goal is to eradicate the cumbersome RFP process, fostering effortless and automated experiences for both operators and hotels. Because the journey should begin with simplicity, not paperwork.

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